Cougar Sighting

There's nothing better than enjoying a holiday weekend  - with friends - at a winery - celebrating a marriage - drinking cheap wine - eating salt & vinegar chips - watching 5 late 30-somethings tear up the dance floor in their new designer jeans. I love designer jeans as much as the next guy, but I think I love fake boobs more - not all the time - just when I'm a spectator. 

If only Mieka's phone was like an HD video camera. But I'm sure that footage is out there somewhere because there was a creepy guy with a video camera standing at the edge of the dance floor recording the entire spectacle. Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture of him. It would've really completed the recap. 


TVI Recap

Hopefully this one isn't muted. 
Thanks a bunch, YouTube. 


I'm Pissed at Flight of the Conchords

So we went and saw Flight of the Conchords at the Fox in St. Louis. Good show. Funny banter. Funny songs. Hard to follow some of their banter. They mumble a lot. Overall a good experience. I laughed on several occasions. 

Here's why I'm upset: so I've seen a lot of their concert posters from shows in other cities from some artists I totally dig. I was hoping to hit the jackpot and find a sweet print at the show in STL. Now, I'm not saying it's not cool, it's just not as cool as some of the other stuff that's out there. I still bought one. I'm just not completely thrilled about it. Kinda the same way I was disappointed in the DMB poster that was sold at the first outdoor concert in the new Busch Stadium - totally sucked. But at least it had the arch in it (that's sarcasm).

Above are some of the FOTC posters I've had an eye on. Guess witch one they sold in STL? (which/witch ... in roller skates)

I Kill the Bus Driver

Sweet print by Ryan Milner. Just picked it up for $25.