West Wars

A series of characters imagined and created by a hobby artist (day job: high school history & film teacher) who calls himself Sillof.

He has six-to-eight variations of Star Wars inspired characters setting the characters in different time and genre periods throughout history. My favorite might just be the West Wars collection. Maybe because I like western movies?

Check out his entire line of custom Star Wars figures here. They're pretty flipping awesome.


En Route

Handiedan's latest "Trois No. 1" from this year. It should be shipping to me shortly. Can't wait. It's a 13-color screen print. Pretty dope. This one will make 5 pieces from her. Love her work.

...I never get to have any fun. Awe shucks...


Oh Billy!

An homage to the ultimate error card of 1989: Fuck Face.

I have to get this t-shirt.

It's been too long...