NYC Street Art, Under the Brooklyn Bridge

On a recent trip to NYC, we hooked up with some friends who showed us around their little neighborhood. Lucky for us, Michael is as much a history buff as he is a great host. So, we got the red carpet tour around Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights.

Beginning under the Brooklyn Bridge, we made our way through the new artist loft district and around the riverfront. Bar-hopping along the way, we did some learning, site-seeing and boozing. A great afternoon quickly turned into a great evening thanks to a last-minute babysitter.

I can't wait to do it again.

Below are some photos I took along the way. On one stretch of a building were some interesting installations...


Competition Without Athletic Ability, Brought to you by Puma

It's about time a brand embraced the kazillions of people out there who consider beer sports: "real" sports. I for one am right in the sweet spot for this target psychographic. There's not a single competitive game I partake in that cannot and usually does not involve a 12 oz. beverage by my side. Now, I will wear my Puma gear with even more pride as I stick a red-eye to light up the board or throw three in the box to complete the run to 21. Thanks, Puma. Wearing "athletic" clothes while doing non-athletic things makes me feel like more of the athlete I never really was.


"These are not the shoes you're looking for."

Adidas is light years ahead of the competition with this tribute to the two most famous droids on this side of the Degoba System. At $110.00/pair, I don't see how you can pass these up?