Star Wars Mickey Mouse or the Star Wars Muppets

I'm not sure which Star Wars collection I like better.

I think Mickey has more of the heroic characteristics that are necessary to play the role of Luke Skywalker. Look at what he did in Fantasia for crying out loud. It was magical. Of course, Kermit has that sappy, beat-down, naive, pussy whipped quality that Luke possessed in Episode IV before he met Obi Wan. But I still lean towards Mickey as my last hope to restore the balance in the force.

Next you have to look at the Chewbacca character. Goofy dressed as Chewbacca. Or Fozzie Bear. Granted Goofy has the height advantage, which is essential to playing a wookie, I think you have to lean in Fozzie's direction. He doesn't need a suit. You just throw the bandolier over his shoulder and you've got yourself a trusted sidekick. Plus his laugh is pretty close to the cry of a wookie (wanka, wanka, wanka). On a side note, as a kid I always wanted a wookie as a pet. And I believe Fozzie would make a better pet than Goofy. So Fozzie wins the wookie category.

Then there's Leah. Pig or mouse? Miss Piggy and Minnie both have those leading lady qualities. But if you think about Piggy's attitude and the way she dominates Kermit, I think she has the stones to choke out a Hut. Advantage Piggy.

Moving onto the dark (and deciding) side. Who's playing the villian? On Mickey's team, you've got Donald Duck standing tall as Darth Maul. But seriously, Gonzo Vader? Even though Vader shows no signs of weakness - ever. And his mere essence is the antithesis of all things Gonzo awkwardly stands for. I think I have to lean in Gonzo's direction, even though Darth Duck looks pretty badass.

So if you were to ask which Star Wars children's show parody is going to be gracing my collection? I'd have to say ... well ... probably both. But I'm definitely going to try and find the Muppets collection first.


High End Package Design

Design by Stranger and Stranger, a Studio from London

This is what they say about themselves:

Stranger and Stranger is a packaging design and branding company specialising in alcoholic drinks. Since 1995 we have named, researched and registered wines and spirits brands worldwide.

We've created bespoke and innovative bottle shapes, labels, closures and all secondary packaging.

We've created marketing support material and environmental dressing. We've supervised production to the highest standards.

We've won a pile of awards along the way but most importantly we've helped sell a billion bottles of beer, wine and spirits in one of the world’s most competitive markets.

This is what I say about them:

Absolutely beautiful. An amazing collection.
It doesn't matter what the liquid tastes like.
Hopefully you haven't oversold the product.
Or is the product the design? Manufactured for the back bar.

The bottles are eloquent.
The labels are works of art.
Drink it in and enjoy.

(And yes, I can use eloquent to describe the expression of an inanimate object like a bottle because it does have a mouth.)


Monkey is the New Guerilla

So technically this isn't guerilla marketing, but it is a brilliant use of identifying a non-traditional consumer touchpoint to deliver a marketing message.


An Interview with Handiedan

One of my favorite artists, whose work I own none of ... yet.

Arrested Motion did a nice interview with the Dutch artist. They asked one of the questions I'd been wondering about since I was first turned onto her work:

AM: The name “Handiedan”, where does it come from? What does it mean?

Han = my name, the short version of my first name
die = that
dan = than

In English I know it’s a little confusing. People often think I am a guy, because they read ‘Handy Dan’ or something, but in Dutch it is actually a funny little rhyme.

A little history: When I write my email conversations or text messages I often end my messages with this kind of rhyme words and Dutch word combinations. ‘Cheers van han dan’, (Cheers from Han than), ‘xx van han die dan!’ and ‘Han says hi!’

Keep an eye out for future shows. Handiedan shows with Phone Booth Gallery. If you see a new release before I do, buy it for me.


50 Year-Old Scotch is EXPENSIVE

Special edition 50-year-old Glenfiddich scotch

This is what packaging for a $15,000 bottle whiskey looks like. Only 500 individually numbered, hand-blown glass bottles will be available, each adorned with Scottish silver and packaged in leather-bound cases. 50 bottles will be released each year, for a period of 10 years.


Taking A Piss ... Doggy Style

Well, this urinal design definitely answers the question of what to do with your hands when taking a piss. I guess you just grab on.

I'm not sure where this is? Or who designed this amazing display of toiletry? But it definitely puts a smile on my face.

How are you supposed to keep your eyes forward if the guy next to you starts mini-pumping the urinal? Or how do you even choose which urinal to approach in the first place? Do you choose by thong color, stockings, skin tone? It really changes the entire experience.

But what really worries me is ... if this is what the urinals look like, what do you think they have going on with the toilets? I can't even imagine what kind of crazy fetish those bowls might cater to.