This is the best worst reverse-psychology tagline ever...

I'm going to buy some right now because I know my wife won't drink it. And I'm a man. And I like action movies, yet I'm watching my figure. Here, Here!


...And here's the 2011 List


You’re not imagining it: The rich do keep getting richer. Even the fictionally rich.

The members of our 2011 list of wealthiest fictional characters have an average net worth of $9.7 billion, up 20% from last year. In aggregate, the Fictional 15 are worth $131.6 billion --more than the gross domestic product of New Zealand. To qualify for the Fictional 15, characters must be known, both within their fictional universe and by their audience, for being rich. Net worth estimates are based on an analysis of the fictional character's source material, and where possible, valued against known real-world commodity and share price movements. 

I Wanna Be Fake Rich

Ran across this article about Forbes 15 Richest Fictional Characters. It's a bit outdated (2006 list), but I'm guessing a lot of these still hold true. I would imagine Bruce Wayne and Anthony Stark would've climbed the list a bit, you know, since they've released a few big movies over the past couple years...

I also love that the article mentions how Santa Claus was snubbed. I guess it really doesn't take that much money to bring happiness and joy to children all over the world?


West Wars

A series of characters imagined and created by a hobby artist (day job: high school history & film teacher) who calls himself Sillof.

He has six-to-eight variations of Star Wars inspired characters setting the characters in different time and genre periods throughout history. My favorite might just be the West Wars collection. Maybe because I like western movies?

Check out his entire line of custom Star Wars figures here. They're pretty flipping awesome.


En Route

Handiedan's latest "Trois No. 1" from this year. It should be shipping to me shortly. Can't wait. It's a 13-color screen print. Pretty dope. This one will make 5 pieces from her. Love her work.

...I never get to have any fun. Awe shucks...


Oh Billy!

An homage to the ultimate error card of 1989: Fuck Face.

I have to get this t-shirt.

It's been too long...


I Should've Sensed This Print Would Sell Out...

... missed it by a month. Boooooooooooooooooo! Another print from designer Justin Kamerer, aka. Angry Blue. It has a Jim-Morrison's-grave vibe to it. Pretty sweet.

Blowin' Up

Art prints by Angry Blue. Only $20.


Star Wars Muppets UPDATE! I'm going to Disney World!

So, in February 2010 I wrote a pretty sweet "compare and contrast with intent to buy" post about Star Wars Muppets vs. Star Wars Mickey Mouse (You can read it here.). My conclusion was that I would have to search the galaxy to add Star Wars Muppets to my collection before I start buying Star Wars Mickey Mouse. Unfortunately, at the time I didn't believe either were actually real.

Much to my surprise, I stumbled across this post on Disney Parks blog that has affirmed the release of Star Wars Muppets figures. Here's the downside:
These figures won’t arrive until Fall at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort. If you are visiting Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, you can see them on display in Jabba’s Hut, the specially-designed merchandise location near Disney’s Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster.
Dammit! No Star Wars Muppets figures for me until my kid turns 9... which is 9 years from this fall. Hopefully they're not sold out by then...


My Grandmother Would Be So Proud

Can you crochet me a cozy for my bull head? Wait... what... you said yes. That's great!

Surreal yet beautiful work by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos. See more of her artwork on flikr.


Japan takes rugby to a whole new level...

Or is it capture the flag? Either way, this looks like something we would've played in college during Drake Relays. The only difference is that we would've been protecting a keg in the middle of the malay instead of a pole with a person on top of it.


Don't look him in the eye...

I'm guessing the man attached to this hand has seen his share of knockdown, drag-out brawls. There might've even been a time, as recent as this post I imagine, when he walked through raining gunfire without flinching just to finish the shot of whiskey he left on a bar... or stared down a man holding a flame thrower, knowing the man with the flame thrower wouldn't take the chance that the ball of fire he set forth wouldn't kill before he could be disarmed and killed himself... just guessing. There's also a pretty good chance that each of those skull rings represent a backyard cage fight victory where the opponent died. Just saying...

Rounding Out the HANDIEDAN Collection

Picked up this gem at the beginning of April. I absolutely love the super-sized 24" x 36", 6-color, mostly black & white prints she's been doing. I snagged "That's a Fine Coat You're Wearing" to go along with "Valkyries No. 1" on the new wall in my new house that I haven't found yet. But trust me, when I do find that house, this room is going to be pretty sweet. Plus, I've got two, color giclees for the opposite wall. It'll be like a tribute to bizarro-pop-culture-pin-up-graffiti.


Damn, Quit Giving Away All Our Writing Secrets!

It's not easy being a copywriter today.

It's not fair.

Anyone and everyone you encounter on a daily basis, from clients to counterparts, from art directors to art buyers, if they know the English language, they think they're writers at heart. And they'll re-write the prose you've toiled over for hours with the first 3rd-grade composition that pops into their heads.

And this is where the problems start.






We're all capable of doing it. Right?

Of being direct.

Of being clear.

Of getting to the point ... in an adventurous and poetic manner, leading your reader to the point like a treasure map leading Goonies to a sloth.

It's not easy being a copywriter today.

So, thank you, Manifesto Maker. You've saved me a lifetime of stress.



Fun Star Wars Print by Mr. Brainwash

If Star Wars was set a "long time ago," are they actually being portrayed in futuristic clothing?
My mind is boggled.

See more of Thierry Guetta's works here


No Thanks.

Josh vs. Soup

Josh is the king of speed eating. He's not exactly the king of eating contests, though. Today's challenge was a test of lunch vs. work, and Josh's will to not go hungry makes him a champion for all of us.

But, it sucks when you realize (at the beginning of lunch) that you have a 1:00 meeting scheduled. It sucks even worse when your soup doesn't get to the table until 12:56. What sucks worse than that? Not sure. It's a tie between having to drink your soup and walking into a meeting with soup on your shirt. Lucky for Josh, he didn't spill a drop.

I Hadn't Bought Anything in a While... So...

I had to pick up a Charlie Sheen shirt. Just to commemorate his spiral out of control and help other people make money off of his misfortune, I believe it's a good purchase. Nice job to Alex Pardee. This is a pretty sweet interpretation of 'tiger blood.' I wonder if it works anything like vampire blood? In any case, if you're selling some of that too, I'll buy it. Or if anyone else wants one of these t-shirts, you can find them here for $24.

I also grabbed a Larry and His Flask shirt. One, because it had my name on it. And two, because I dig music that gets your feet moving after a few whiskey and waters. So, if you like rockabilly or bluegrass or bango metal or whatever you want to call it, give these guys a listen. (Thanks for the tipoff, Russ.)


Of course not!

Who cares if Vader is watching. This thing might shit out a car on you.

It does kindof look like a big, steel turtle with long legs...


Chewie Monster

VW spot uses 'the force' to control your mind...

Come on, we've all tried this as a kid, right? But using The Force takes practice. Lucky for this young Vader, Dad gets home in time to keep his galaxy-ruling, dark-side dreams alive.

Really, the only scene missing is where this young Vader tries to pop the top off his babysitter ala. Scott Baio in Zapped! I guess we'll save that re-edit for a rainy day.