This is the Ogilvy NY Building

I'll never work there.

Target Billboard in Times Square

Another beautiful idea from Target:

So they covered a massive corner in Times Square with design riddled canvas. Four artists contributed. Beautiful from a distance. So many details you couldn't even take the whole thing in, even if you were up close.

The cool part is that after this posting comes down, the canvas is going to be turned into 1,600 bags by Anna Sui.

I think you can pre-order them at www.target.com/billboardbag. They're likely going to sell out as soon as they're posted. So good luck getting one.

Beautiful idea, though.


Avaya Phone Systems - Contest Entry

Here are the contest rules. Do you think we answered the question, or do you think the video is too generic (from a reason "why" we need new phones) to be considered effective?

What can I win?

It's simple: Tell us about the disconnects that are hurting your business, and if you win, we'll help you fix them.

The disconnect could be technical—like an outdated phone system, or a patched-together "system" that's unreliable. Or it could be a human problem—like frustrated customers or a key employee who no one can get a hold of. Or it could be a combination of both.

Whatever the problem is, tell us about it in a short video or written essay. You can be funny. You can be serious. You can be desperate. But however you do it, be sure to submit it by October 15, 2009.