Awesome work by Olly Moss

I can't believe I didn't get in on these while the gettin' was good. I'm very disappointed that I couldn't sense their presence before they sold out.


Happy Holidays. It's R2-D2 on a HORSE!

The concept here is funny because we all know R2 can just open up the jet engines in his legs and fly himself anywhere he actually wants to go...


The 3rd Installment of my Handiedan Collection

Just picked this print up this weekend. I'm stoked.

It's a 6 screen print from her latest showing at Phone Booth Gallery, entitled "Valkyries."


NYC Street Art, Under the Brooklyn Bridge

On a recent trip to NYC, we hooked up with some friends who showed us around their little neighborhood. Lucky for us, Michael is as much a history buff as he is a great host. So, we got the red carpet tour around Brooklyn and Brooklyn Heights.

Beginning under the Brooklyn Bridge, we made our way through the new artist loft district and around the riverfront. Bar-hopping along the way, we did some learning, site-seeing and boozing. A great afternoon quickly turned into a great evening thanks to a last-minute babysitter.

I can't wait to do it again.

Below are some photos I took along the way. On one stretch of a building were some interesting installations...


Competition Without Athletic Ability, Brought to you by Puma

It's about time a brand embraced the kazillions of people out there who consider beer sports: "real" sports. I for one am right in the sweet spot for this target psychographic. There's not a single competitive game I partake in that cannot and usually does not involve a 12 oz. beverage by my side. Now, I will wear my Puma gear with even more pride as I stick a red-eye to light up the board or throw three in the box to complete the run to 21. Thanks, Puma. Wearing "athletic" clothes while doing non-athletic things makes me feel like more of the athlete I never really was.


"These are not the shoes you're looking for."

Adidas is light years ahead of the competition with this tribute to the two most famous droids on this side of the Degoba System. At $110.00/pair, I don't see how you can pass these up?


Turning Video Chat into Scary-Good Viral Marketing

This is pretty sick. These poor teenage boys had no idea what they were in for. And that's why I always do my video chatting on well respected porn sites.


The Black Keys at the Pageant

A great show - Dan & Pat kicked it off with songs from Thickfreakness, some stuff from Rubber Factory.  Then about 1/3 of the way through, they brought out the bass and keyboard for their new stuff. Simply awesome. I got some video clips. Some good. Some bad. A lot of moving camera. But I'll throw them up on YouTube anyway. 
Below is the the encore of "Everlasting Light." You won't even notice the tall, bald guy standing in front of me. At least the sound is good. 

The poster is pretty sweet too. It was designed by Powerhouse Factories out of Kentucky. It’s 18” x 24” 2 color printed on white ExactTag paper.


Is It a Nightstand or a Weapon?

Some people have guns. Others sleep with a baseball bat under their bed. I suppose that if I'm home when my house is broken into, I've got a pretty good collection of both blunt and sharp objects around I could put to use. 

But this ... this table turned beat-down kit ... will catch any intruder by surprise. So if you're super paranoid, if you live in a bad neighborhood or if you're just preparing for the zombie invasion, this is the nightstand for you. 

Complete with shield, the only thing you really need to worry about breaking the alarm clock when you sweep the table's contents onto the floor to prepare for battle.

To the inventor: pure brilliance, sir. Now, go kick some ass.


Picked Up this Poster at the Dead Weather Show in St. Louis

Looks pretty dark and evil.

Done by The Silent Giants shop in Ferndale, MI.

Some of their other work ... wish I would've been at those shows to pick up a couple prints.

Star Wars Car Wash - a geeky dream come true

Not sure what to say about this charity concept except for that I think they should make it a real car wash chain and take it national ... or intergalactic.


Who would win? Superman vs. ALI

About the above: What happens when the world’s most legendary fighter enters the ring against the world’s greatest hero?

Well, if you were around in 1978 to pick up a copy of SUPERMAN VS. MUHAMMAD ALI, then you know what it was like. The historic one-shot featured the Man of Steel teaming up with The Greatest Boxer of All Time to stave off an alien invasion of Earth.

DC will be reprinting the story — co-plotted and written by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams with art from Adams — in two formats: The first is a deluxe hardcover edition featuring an expanded sketch section and additional content with a new cover by Adams. For all those fans of the book in its tabloid form there is also a limited edition hardcover in the original trim-size with the complete, original cover of the landmark issue. Both collections will hit in the fall of 2010.

But here's the real interesting part - this statue is $200, and it's awesome. How great would it look on my shelf? Great-tastic!

Purchase aside, you have to ask yourself, who would win this fight in real life?

Clark Kent got his ass kicked in a diner in Superman II. Granted, he didn't have his Krypton powers at the time, but it does show that he's susceptible to a right hook. You also have to look at the fact that most of Superman's fights include throwing people, not punches.

Ali flies like a butterfly. Superman is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound. Ali stings like a bee. Superman is more powerful than a locomotive. Ali can take a punch (Ali vs. Frazier classic rope-a-dope bout). Superman can make the world spin backwards.

It's hard to compare an alien vs. the greatest boxer of all time. But what if Ali had kryptonite in his gloves? Now things get interesting. Superman couldn't even swim with a kryptonite necklace on.

So here's the way I see Vegas handicapping the fight. Superman is a -600/750 favorite. If kryptonite is involved, the odds change. Superman -320/200. In either case, the over/under for rounds is 3. Ali can avoid the man of steel and dance around the ring for at least a few rounds before he takes a Krypton-uppercut to the chin.



Whatever you do - DO NOT shoot a dog in the butt and take pictures of it while listening to '80s hip-hop. If you do, the driver will throw you off the bus.

The point ... is to have no point.

maybe another reason why I'm not a big fan of basketball


Funny Because It's True

So why am I hitching my wagon to a dinosaur? Because change is possible. And those who evolve can survive. I just hope we evolve.


Star Wars Mickey Mouse or the Star Wars Muppets

I'm not sure which Star Wars collection I like better.

I think Mickey has more of the heroic characteristics that are necessary to play the role of Luke Skywalker. Look at what he did in Fantasia for crying out loud. It was magical. Of course, Kermit has that sappy, beat-down, naive, pussy whipped quality that Luke possessed in Episode IV before he met Obi Wan. But I still lean towards Mickey as my last hope to restore the balance in the force.

Next you have to look at the Chewbacca character. Goofy dressed as Chewbacca. Or Fozzie Bear. Granted Goofy has the height advantage, which is essential to playing a wookie, I think you have to lean in Fozzie's direction. He doesn't need a suit. You just throw the bandolier over his shoulder and you've got yourself a trusted sidekick. Plus his laugh is pretty close to the cry of a wookie (wanka, wanka, wanka). On a side note, as a kid I always wanted a wookie as a pet. And I believe Fozzie would make a better pet than Goofy. So Fozzie wins the wookie category.

Then there's Leah. Pig or mouse? Miss Piggy and Minnie both have those leading lady qualities. But if you think about Piggy's attitude and the way she dominates Kermit, I think she has the stones to choke out a Hut. Advantage Piggy.

Moving onto the dark (and deciding) side. Who's playing the villian? On Mickey's team, you've got Donald Duck standing tall as Darth Maul. But seriously, Gonzo Vader? Even though Vader shows no signs of weakness - ever. And his mere essence is the antithesis of all things Gonzo awkwardly stands for. I think I have to lean in Gonzo's direction, even though Darth Duck looks pretty badass.

So if you were to ask which Star Wars children's show parody is going to be gracing my collection? I'd have to say ... well ... probably both. But I'm definitely going to try and find the Muppets collection first.