Got It. Trying. Wish I Had.

This is the last print I got. From Matt Goldman, an associate of OBEY, it's a pretty dope suicide king.

I just dropped Rafa Jenn an email to see if I could scoop up one of these tributes to Marilyn Monroe entitled dear andy.

I wish I could've gotten my hands on one of these prints from Joshua Budich. I've got couple other of his pieces, but Darth Vader takes the cake. Or maybe he's using a Jedi mind trick to get me to want it? Either way, these aren't the droids I'm looking for.


Revert to the Aesthetic

A recent article in Entrepreneur Magazine (Mixing Art With Commerce, January 2010) talks about how a growing number of small businesses are turning to screen-printed posters, exploiting the medium's potent marriage of advertising and art to reach a customer demographic impervious to conventional marketing approaches.

Now in our business, posters and displays are used all the time in the on- and off-premise to help merchandise an account. And no offense to any art directors, but these well designed, glossy, price promoters don’t exactly resonate as something of value. We used to joke that we were in the business of creating beautiful landfill. However, a piece designed with the intention of being art first, brand second and promoter third might be able to flip the equation and keep our brands out of the trash heap.

Limited-edition, hand crafted works could be the answer for small brands looking to compete with their macro-competition. It’s nothing new. Fashion designers and car companies have entered stylistic marriages to promote a vision for the future of driving (Jeff Banks Creates Custom Kia Soul for UK Giveaway). Fine artists and spirits brands have come together to inspire new drinking occasions (Bombay Sapphire Designer Glass Contest).

It just makes sense that a brand or business would embrace the equity of attainable art (most limited-edition concert posters and prints range from $20 - $50 a piece … which is why I have a huge collection of screen print and giclĂ©e art). More so, I like what it doesn’t have to say, communicating the company's commitment to old-school virtues like authenticity and handcraftsmanship in a world where homogenization and mass production are the status quo.

If you’re unfamiliar with the screen print poster subculture, check out OMG Posters. This blog does an amazing job of keeping up with the latest releases from artists and print shops across the country, both music and non-music related. It’s also introduced me to a slew of new bands (brands), which I guess is one of the ideas behind having a poster created in the first place.


Bobble Heads are on My Christmas List

Normally I'm not a bobble head kind of guy. But when I saw this one, I knew it was going to make the ol' x-mas list.

There are two things that are really working for this particular bobble head. 1. It's Star Wars, and yes, I'm kind of a Star Wars geek (not the kind that dresses up and goes to trade shows, but the kind that collects action figures and will watch any of the original trilogy at the drop of a deflector shield). 2. It's Luke Skywalker IN his X-Wing Fighter. I can't say that I've seen many bobble heads of figures inside vehicles or space ships before, so I'm definitely on board.

My only hope now is that they continue this series and come out with a Han Solo in the Millenium Falcon ...

I'm Not Saying It's Right...

But she must've said something he didn't like.

Click here to see her get jacked. It loops. It's kinda funny

---More on this promo---

Apparently I missed the season premier of Jersey Shore on MTV. And from the conversation going around, I'm going to be setting the Tivo so I don't miss another episode.

But the question remains, "has MTV gone too far?" I say, "No."

It’s possible this fancy gentleman was offended by a young lady wearing ahat indoors, and in this clip he’s saying, “Madam please remove your hat” in accordance with Jim Nortons Hat Removal Service, but more likely is WHATTHEFUCKWASTHAT!

MTV is getting tons of very justified criticism for their new show “JerseyShore”, and not just from groups offended by what they consider Italian stereotypes, but because of the preview clip during the closing creditsshowing female castmate Snookie getting punched in the face. Hard.

Domino’s Pizza has already pulled their ads from the show, and others are threatening to do the same. I’m no PC homo but it’s sort of amazing they would show a clip of a girl getting punched in the face. Although to be fair to the dude I wanted to at least smack her in the head and I was barely even paying attention.